Ukrainians in the TOT also took part in the National Radio Dictation of Unity

On the Day of Ukrainian Writing, Ukrainians from the temporarily occupied territories joined the National Radio Dictation.

This tradition has existed since 2000. The radio dictation can be written from anywhere worldwide, and anyone can join it. It is an excellent opportunity to test your literacy and demonstrate your self-identity in a difficult time for the country.

This year, Ukrainians from the TOT joined the dictation and sent us photos from different parts of the occupied territories:

We are grateful to everyone who is resisting the Russian invasion today and continues to be a Ukrainian, even in places where it is dangerous. We have also prepared several resources to help you maintain and develop your knowledge of the Ukrainian language. Glory to Ukraine!

We remind you that everyone can contribute to liberating their native land and report an enemy or collaborator by following this link.

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