Ukrainians in the TOT refuse to re-register their cars at the request of Russians

In the temporarily occupied territories, Russians cannot force Ukrainians to re-register their cars under the new rules.

Thus, the occupation administrations have reported to the top that in the regions occupied after 24 February 2022, only 15% of car owners have re-registered their cars according to the enemy’s rules. 

Thus, Ukrainians ignore the rules of the occupiers. To motivate TOT residents to re-register their car documents, the enemy has canceled registration fees until 2026, as well as mandatory technical inspections.

At the same time, owners of cars with Ukrainian registration are actively stopped at checkpoints and subjected to a thorough inspection of their vehicles. In this way, the enemy is using a carrot-and-stick approach.

However, the National Resistance Centre urges people not to cooperate with the invaders  and ignore their demands. The moment of liberation of the TOT is only a matter of time, as the whole world is working for Ukraine’s victory. 

At the same time, we note that all those who work for the enemy and are engaged in illegal re-registration of cars or exert pressure on motorists will be punished by Ukrainian law after the region is de-occupied. To report an enemy or collaborator, please follow this link.

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