Ukrainians on TOT refuse to “evacuate” to the Russian Federation

More and more residents of the temporarily occupied territories do not want to “evacuate” to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Thanks to the work of the underground, which spreads information about the deportation of our population to the Russian Federation, more and more people understand the real intentions of the occupiers. Ukraine’s National Resistance Center has repeatedly explained that no evacuation is taking place, as russians are taking Ukrainians to the regions of the Russian Federation, which in recent decades have been actively settled by immigrants from the Caucasus. Therefore, the Kremlin needs to balance the demographic situation in the region. After all, the Kremlin does not reject the scenario of active liberation movements of ethnic minorities inhabiting the Russian Federation.

And the so-called evacuation itself is not voluntary. In fact, the Russians first create a humanitarian crisis in TOT, and then force people to leave Ukraine.

But after the dissemination of information about the real actions of the Russians, people are increasingly beginning to oppose deportation and refuse to leave TOT. In particular, the occupiers failed the “evacuation” on the left bank of the Kherson region, from which they are actively evacuating their collaborators and employees of Russian state agencies who are illegally there on a business trip.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center thanks everyone who contributed to the spread of information about the deportation of Ukrainians to the Russian Federation.

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