Ukrainians refuse to cooperate with the enemy, despite repressions – review from TOT

The Russians cannot find enough collaborators and are forced to intensify repressive measures. The National Resistance Center has prepared a new overview of the main events from the temporarily occupied territories.

Ukrainians destroy the enemy and refuse to cooperate with him

On May 2, the “deputy chief” of the fake regional police department was blown up with an improvised explosive device on Pirogov Street in temporarily occupied Melitopol. He was hospitalized with heavy injuries.

Along with this, the Ukrainian underground continues to operate in the temporarily captured Luhansk, which once again “welcomed” the occupiers. In different parts of the city, the partisans painted an eye – the symbol of the Resistance Movement, which reminds the occupiers and their accomplices that Ukrainians are closely watching their every step.

Also, thanks to the activists of the “Yellow Ribbon” movement, the first streets named after Dmytro Kotsyubailo – the commander of the 1st OMB “Wolves Da Vinci” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – began to appear in Melitopol, Enerhodar and Berdiansk. Unknown heroes repainted the streets in honor of the fallen hero and call on TOT residents to join the action through the “Together” chatbot.

In addition, Ukrainians engage in passive resistance, namely, they ignore cooperation with the enemy. This is why the enemy cannot find collaborators to join Putin’s United Russia party.

Joining the party was made mandatory for state employees. However, as of April 25, 2023, three times less “party members” were registered than according to Moscow’s plan.

Also, the occupation administrations are still unable to fully start work. The reason is understaffing, which in some cases reaches 90%. The local population refuses to cooperate with the enemy, and the Russians themselves are unwilling because of the risks and the uncertainty of the future fate of the TOT.

The enemy continues repression

In response, the enemy strengthens the police-administrative regime on TOT. Thus, in the temporarily occupied areas of the Zaporizhzhia region, in particular in Berdiansk, the occupiers have increased the number of mobile checkpoints that carry out random inspections of the civilian population.

In search of a disloyal population, there have been more frequent cases when FSB officers go to crowded places, under the guise of ordinary residents, talk with locals, provoking a conversation about complaints against the Russian authorities in order to identify members of the Ukrainian underground.

At the same time, artificially increasing passporting for the TOT, the occupiers declared that all children born after September 30, 2022 in the captured territories automatically become “citizens of the Russian Federation”, and residents of the TOT over the age of 14 are required to obtain a Russian passport. Otherwise, the parents will be fined, and in the future they may be deprived of parental rights. Also, unfortunately, the enemy continues to kidnap Ukrainian children. This time, 50 children were taken from Luhansk region to Dagestan. The children, without their parents, were taken to the republican center “Solnyechny Beryeg”, located in Dagestan, under the pretext of recovery.

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