Despite the fact that the Russians are trying to destroy everything Ukrainian in the occupied lands, Ukrainians refuse to recognize the power of the enemy and resist. The Center for National Resistance has prepared a new review of the main events of the week in the temporarily occupied territories.
Resistance to occupation

The underground continues to spread Ukrainian symbols in the occupied lands. During the week, unknown heroes continue to exert psychological pressure on the occupier and apply Ukrainian graffiti on the streets of Sevastopol and Simferopol. Underground activity did not go unnoticed in Moscow. The leader of the occupiers, Vladimir Putin, set a task for the FSB to improve the “system of countering terrorism in the temporarily occupied territory”, that is, to intensify repressions. Currently, in the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions, the enemy has already strengthened the verification of the phones of local residents and limited their free movement, turning the regions into an open-air prison. Ukrainians massively refuse to cooperate with the enemy and therefore the Russians cannot overcome the staff shortage. Thus, in the Donetsk region, the occupiers decided to send special services and police officers from the territory of the Russian Federation to the temporarily occupied territory. Collaborators also complain to Moscow that there are not enough teachers in the temporarily occupied territory. The enemy decided to additionally send teachers to the occupied region. To do this, they will create “special conditions” to motivate them to go to the occupied territory. No better situation with engineers. At the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the occupation leadership reduced the requirements for a number of vacancies in order to be able to import the relevant personnel from the Russian Federation and replace them with Ukrainian, the majority of which refuses to conclude an agreement with Rosatom. This situation well illustrates the degree of support for the occupation by the local population, because in the region the majority of locals refused to cooperate with the enemy, and therefore the Russians cannot restore the stable operation of all enterprises.

Russians are conducting forced Russification of the region
Parents come with searches to check the equipment for teaching children in Ukrainian schools. During the searches, they are threatened with fines and the fact that they will take away the children if the parents do not send them to a Russian school. Consequently, children are russified and imposed on the Kremlin’s worldview and its vision of history. At the same time, if children are already 14 years old, then they are under pressure to receive a Russian passport. After all, the Kremlin has set a task for the Zaporizhia occupation administration to passport 80% of the residents of the occupied areas by September. Thus, the occupiers have already stated that residents need to reissue documents to receive monthly social assistance for the care of people with disabilities. The main requirement for guardians is to obtain a Russian passport. At the same time, they must write an application for renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship, despite the fact that dual citizenship is allowed in Russia.

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