Under the guise of treatment, the Russians deport children from TOT to the Russian Federation

Russian doctors conduct medical examinations of children at temporarily occupied territories.

Russian doctors sent to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine started a campaign of “medical examination” of children. Occupiers submit this information as a search for pathologies in minors. And if diseases are detected, they will send them to special medical camps in remote regions of the Russian Federation. The Russians allocated 330 million rubles for this program.

All supposedly for treatment. But in fact, the Russians take Ukrainian children captive in order to lure their parents to the territory of the Russian Federation. After all, in order to pick up a child from “treatment” – it is necessary to go to the appropriate city on the territory of the Russian Federation. After that, the Russians plan to quarter them there under the pretext that it is impossible to return to the territory where martial law has been declared.

The Russians are deliberately carrying out genocide among the population of Ukraine. Read more about how the occupiers kidnap our children in our post.

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