Under what conditions do the occupiers keep kidnapped people at the TOT

Every day, people disappear in the temporarily occupied territories and are kept in inhumane conditions.

An investigation into the torture is currently underway. which operated in Kherson during the occupation. One of these was discovered recently in the city. Relatives of military personnel and law enforcement officers who did not betray Ukraine were kept there.

There were also businessmen whose business caught the attention of the occupiers and ordinary residents of the city whom the enemy suspected of love for Ukraine. People sat without electricity for months, slept on the floor, and days were counted by the number of tortures endured.

Note that similar torture chambers continue to function at TOT. There are Ukrainians who are not even explained the reasons for their detention.

Previously, we told how the process of kidnapping people on TOT takes place. In particular, that such detentions do not make sense, because the enemy does not even seek out information, but simply requires the victim to confess to the “legend” and then report to Moscow about the success in the fight against “saboteurs”. Or, as mentioned above, are the occupiers simply putting pressure on the relatives through the victim, or do they want to get property values of the kidnapped person.

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