Underground destroys the occupiers and spreads Ukrainian symbols – review from TOT

Before the celebration of the New Year, the Ukrainian underground became active in the temporarily occupied territories. The Center for National Resistance has prepared a new overview of the main events of the week on TOT.

Hunting the enemy

On December 22, in Kakhovka, the car of collaborator Andrii Shtepa was blown up, the traitor died on the spot.

During the occupation, Shtepa pretended to be the head of the village. Lyubimivka, which is located near Novaya Kakhovka. He was appointed to the position in July. According to witnesses, he died immediately after the explosion.

Already on December 23, a car with two occupants exploded in the center of Melitopol, both were hospitalized. The explosion occurred at 11 o’clock, near Gorky Park. As a result of the explosion, one of the occupiers was left with limbs, the other was taken to intensive care in a serious condition.

Also, the locals continue to help the Armed Forces to destroy the occupiers, giving them the location of their bases. Thus, thanks to the coordination of the underground and the Armed Forces, an enemy base was destroyed in one of the vocational training centers in the city of Shchastya (Luhansk region).

In total, it was possible to eliminate 16 occupiers and destroy 12 units of military equipment. Another 40 Russians were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity.

The spread of Ukrainian agitation

In Melitopol, the occupiers unveiled a mural in honor of the traitor Ivan Sushka, who was eliminated by the partisans. The mural was painted on the occupied premises of the Tavria State Agro-Technological University. Almost immediately, the locals decided to improve it and finished the message for the Armed Forces.

In addition, in the temporarily occupied Berdyansk, unknown heroes posted leaflets about the future of the occupiers. Emphasis is placed on the Nazi essence of the enemy, and leaflets were also distributed with an appeal to join the underground.

The distribution of such photos creates chaos in the ranks of the occupiers, because it demonstrates their inability to take control of the city and emphasizes the hostile status of the occupiers. At the same time, it inspires the locals to resist the occupation.

The Ukrainian flag was also raised in the resort village of Mizhvodne (AR Crimea). Unknown people hung him right in the middle of the village.

The occupiers intensify repression

The Russian State Duma passed a law on life imprisonment for “facilitating subversive activities.” The law provides for punishment for “inciting, recruiting or engaging a person” to commit sabotage, arming or training others for that purpose, and financing sabotage.

The Criminal Code also provides punishment for “aiding” sabotage, creating a “subversive community” and “training for the purpose of carrying out subversive activities.”

Note that the Russians call any partisan resistance to the occupation precisely sabotage. The law was adopted specifically to fight against the population of temporarily occupied territories, because it allows everyone who is not loyal to the occupiers to be accused of “supporting saboteurs.”

At the same time, the Russians turned TOT into a solid open-air prison. The occupiers closed the checkpoint in Vasylivka (Zaporizhia region) through which people could leave the TOT.

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