Underground helps destroy the occupiers and destroys their infrastructure – review from TOT

Last week, the Ukrainian underground became active in the temporarily occupied territories, helping to destroy the enemies and spreading Ukrainian symbols. The main events at TOT from the Center of National Resistance – below.

Annihilating enemies

On December 12, a car exploded in Skadovsk of collaborator Vitaly Bulyuk, who worked as the deputy of the chief Gauleiter of the region, Volodymyr Saldo. The traitor’s car was blown up near the private house of Vitaly Bulyuk. He was injured and was taken to Simferopol hospital. The driver died on the spot.

On December 13, a transformer substation was blown up in Berdyansk, which supplied the Kosa microdistrict, where the enemy’s mobilization units were quartered. The explosion occurred at 19:30. Unknown people used TNT bombs to blow up the transformer substation and power line support, leaving the occupation barracks without light.

At the same time, Ukrainian symbols continue to be spread in Berdyansk. Despite the fact that the city was occupied 294 days ago, local residents continued to remind the Russians that they are enemies here. This time, unknown heroes spread yellow and blue ribbons along one of the streets of the city.

Also, the underground actively helps the Armed Forces to destroy the enemies, and transmits information about the location of the occupiers. In particular, on December 12, in the temporarily occupied Horlivka (Donetsk region), thanks to information from the Ukrainian underground, an enemy personnel was destroyed by a point strike. According to preliminary data, more than 100 occupants and equipment were destroyed.

Already on December 13, thanks to the cooperation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and partisans, an enemy base was destroyed in Luhansk region. According to available data, about 20 occupiers died, six of them officers. Also, 8 pieces of equipment were destroyed, several dozen Russians were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity.

In Energodar, workers of the local nuclear power plant overwhelmingly refuse to enter into a contract with the Russian Rosatom. Despite the fact that the Russians installed puppet leadership at the station, the majority did not betray Ukraine.

The occupiers put pressure on the workers, threatening to fire them all from January 1 and replace them with Russian specialists, some of whom already work at the station on a rotational basis, but to no avail.

The resistance of Ukrainians to the occupation was assessed in the European Parliament. Thus, the civil resistance movement “Yellow Ribbon” among other nominees, including the President of Ukraine, received the Sakharov Prize.

The Russians are unsuccessfully looking for partisans and brainwashing children

After the successful defeat of a number of BC warehouses and occupation points, the Russian administration increased the number of inspections in the temporarily occupied South.

So, in the Zaporizhzhia region, the enemy increased the number of checks at checkpoints, in addition to phones, they check the presence of a Russian passport. In case of his absence, Ukrainians are taken for “additional conversation” and in-depth inspection.

In addition, the enemy is actively brainwashing children in the temporarily occupied territories in order to destroy a whole generation of Ukrainians. In all Russian schools on TOT, which are simply propaganda centers with imported teachers from the Russian Federation, “conversations about important things” are held every day.

The purpose of these lessons is to try to impose the Moscow version of history on them, in particular, to convince local children that the Russian Federation saved them from the “Nazis” and that the captured lands were Russian from time immemorial.

At the same time, the enemy has increased the number of propaganda events in the South, where children are taken to the performances of bloggers, athletes and musicians from the Russian Federation. Similar meetings take place in children’s camps, where the Russians take Ukrainian children for “treatment”. At events, the Kremlin’s posipaks convince children that the Russian Federation is a successful country and offers great opportunities, unlike “Nazi” Ukraine.

Note that the enemy’s propaganda does not work on adults and the Russian Federation has no support in the region, so the enemy resorts to manipulating children.

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