“Volunteer battalions” in temporarily occupied territories are being staffed by Russians

Back in September, the occupiers announced the creation of “volunteer battalions” in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions, but no one was found willing to join their ranks.

The Russians launched advertising campaigns, put up billboards, and lured people with money, but in vain. Yevhenii Balitsky, the chief gauleiter of the Zaporizhia region, even stated that his son had signed up for the battalion, but as a result, his son is hiding in the Crimea.

Therefore, according to local reports, the so-called “volunteer battalions” are staffed by Russians from various regions. It is with them that the occupiers record propaganda training videos without showing their faces.

This situation well illustrates the degree of local support for the occupiers, because there are no people willing to fight for them against the “Nazis”, no matter what numbers they draw in the “referendums”.

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