Volunteers will help pensioners and families with babies to evacuate from Melitopol

For help you need to contact the volunteer center Right here.
If you have small children in your family or pensioners or seriously sick people, you can turn to volunteers who will help you with evacuation from the city.
To do this you need to write to the chatbot of the volunteer center Right here.

It is absolutely possible to leave the occupied territories. In the first 10 days of August more than 21 thousand Ukrainians were evacuated from the occupied territories. In particular, more than 8,000 citizens were evacuated from the Kherson region, and more than 9,000 from the Zaporizhia region. We remind you, the invaders only need you as a shield and mask – they are not interested in your lives. Therefore, do not wait but leave now. We will return home after the liberation of the territories by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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