Wagnerians continue to arrive in Belarus

The Belarusian underground continues to monitor the movement of deported terrorists from the Wagner PMC in the neighboring country. 

Thus, the terrorists are currently in the settlements of Tsel and Sosnovy (50 people each). The militants have also set up a tent city in the area of Tsel – up to 5600 people, Domanovsk training ground – 300 people.

Up to 30 instructors from the terrorist organization are working at other training grounds (Osipovychi, Gozhsky and Brest), training the army of the Lukashenko regime.

Earlier, it became known that extradited criminals from the Wagner PMC began training the personnel of the Belarusian Armed Forces. Thus, in fact, the Belarusian army is adopting the experience of terrorists and murderers.

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