“Wagner’s Thousand”. The captured recidivist talked about the loss of mercenaries in Ukraine

Defense forces captured another mercenary from the “Wagner” PMC, who voluntarily came to kill Ukrainians in order not to go to prison. The captive talked about the loss of mercenaries, his feelings about the “trip” and how recruitment is done.

The mercenary’s name is Yevgeny Sizov, before the war he was in prison for theft. At the age of 26, this was already the second imprisonment for the occupier. He was freed from serving his sentence by the war criminal Yevgeny Prigozhin, who recruited Sizov in August. As a result, Sizov’s unit was defeated the day before, and he is one of the few who was “lucky” to be captured.

An associate of Putin tells the prisoners that they have to fight the Americans and the Nazis. As a result, they voluntarily agree to go to kill Ukrainians, where they are sent to the front without proper training, and then used as cannon fodder.

However, mercenaries do not live long, because they are killed first. According to Sizov, out of a thousand of those who first came to Ukraine, only a few dozen were able to fight. Others either died, were captured, or lost limbs. At the same time, they are called “heavenly thousand”, which is another cynical act of Russian propaganda.

It is worth emphasizing that the Russian military command itself is hiding from hostilities, including Prigozhin.

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