We are coming for you, – the partisans said “hello” to the collaborators

The underground is ready to support any active actions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine and take revenge on the collaborators for the crimes they committed in the temporarily occupied territories.

The National Resistance Center received an appeal from Ukrainian patriots whose cities are temporarily under enemy occupation.

“We are ready to reclaim ours and free our people from slavery to racism,” the statement said. The Ukrainian partisan will not forgive the collaborators for their betrayal: “We are very angry. We will systematically and methodically destroy them. Stremousov, Zhuravko, Struk, and Kovalev have already received on merit. Because we remember that they betrayed the Motherland.”

The National Resistance Center does not cease to remind all collaborators that collaborationism is quite harmful to health and threatens with fatal consequences. Boys and girls from the temporarily occupied territories have repeatedly reminded of this. And they will remind again.

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