We urge you to report the movement of enemy equipment by railway

The railway is the basis of the logistics model in the Russian army, and it is quite difficult to hide the movement of equipment, so we encourage you to report the movement of equipment in Russia or on TOT.

Yes, our underground increasingly notices the Soviet T-54 and T-55 tanks, which the Russians transfer to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. The Russians systematically remove equipment from storage and, without proper inspection and repair, send it to be re-equipped for separate formations participating in the war against Ukraine.

This testifies to the significant losses of the Soviet Union in armored vehicles during hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, which forces the enemy command to equip parts and units with outdated models of anti-tank weapons.

The National Resistance Center thanks the citizens of the TOT and the deported Ukrainians in the Russian Federation, who continue to inform the Defense Forces and help liberate our land from the invaders.

You can report on enemy military equipment via the link.

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