Workers from the Russian Federation are being relocated to Luhansk region – Putin gives benefits to Russians who will work in Ukraine

The Russians cannot find a sufficient number of personnel who are ready to work for them in the occupied Luhansk region.

The occupiers are trying to start the transition of Luhansk region and Donetsk region to the Russian education program. However, the growing resistance of local people does not allow to find professional workers. Those collaborators who remain there are suitable only for primitive, staged plots for propaganda television.

Therefore, the Russians decided to appoint the so-called deputy minister of education DPR Oleg Trofimov. This is the deputy director of the institute (level of deputy dean – ed.) of “Tambov State University”. Meanwhile, Russians are being taken to the temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk Oblast due to a lack of collaborators. Educators from the Tambov region of the Russian Federation have already been brought to the region. The method of attracting children to study according to the Russian program is simple – cynical blackmail. Parents are threatened that they will lose their parental rights if their children do not study according to the new program.

The Russian authorities understood the opposition of Ukrainians at the highest level. After all, in no area, which the Russians occupied since February 24, it was not possible to establish work. There is a lack of collaborators, and those who are there are simply nobodies used by Russian propaganda. Therefore, the Kremlin decided to equate all Russians working in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine with military veterans. The goal is simple: to increase the number of Russian specialists, in particular teachers, doctors, managers, who work illegally in the occupation authorities of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

Putin signed the corresponding law on July 14.

Workers from the Russian Federation were sent there even before that, on a rotational basis. But the Russians were not eager to go to work in Ukraine. Probably due to the fact that Russians are often on fire in Ukraine, literally. According to the occupiers, the adopted law will help make vacancies more attractive. But, at the moment, there are no queues for trips to Ukraine, and Russians are sent to work as ordered.

Ukrainian resistance is working and will create “comfortable” conditions for newly arrived workers.

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