Wounded terrorists from “Wagner PMC” are sent to Belarus

Wounded terrorists from the disbanded “Wagner” started arriving at the departmental hospital of the security forces of Belarus for treatment.

The wounded are escorted by representatives of the military intelligence of the Russian Federation. Previously, terrorists were wounded on the territory of Ukraine. The information was obtained from the Belarusian underground.

Note that in addition to participating in the aggression against Ukraine, instructors from the now-defunct Wagner Military Command, who were in Belarus, take an active part in training militants in Syria.

It is about the training of terrorists of the Lebanese group “Hezbollah” at secret military bases in Syria. The main task is to convey the experience of conducting combat operations in Ukraine, assault actions by small groups, battles in urban areas, the use of kamikaze drones and shock UAVs with drops.

At the same time, Hezbollah fighters are currently fighting against Israel together with Hamas terrorists. The latter launched an attack on Israel at the beginning of the month, preparations for the attack were also carried out by “Wagner” instructors.

The Center of National Resistance thanks the Belarusian underground for valuable information about the enemy.

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