Zaporizhzhia partisans blow up a railroad in Melitopol

The Ukrainian underground continues to strike at the logistics of the invaders.

The explosion was heard in the northern part of the city, in the area of Novy Melitopol and Pishchana. The area near the blown-up railroad track was surrounded by the Russian military.

The railroad was damaged when a train loaded with iron ore was traveling from Dniprorudne. At the time of the explosion, 5 cars derailed and overturned. About 50 meters of track were destroyed.

The occupation forces have strengthened counter-sabotage and filtration measures in the city to search for members of the resistance movement. However, all the invaders can count on is new successful operations by our partisans. 

If you have any important information about the enemy’s movements and locations, please send it to our Telegram chatbot.

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