A collaborator was hanged in Zaporizhzhia

Andriy Ryzhkov, who called himself the head of the occupation police, was found hanged in Mykhailivka (Melitopol district).

Ryzhkov used to be a Ukrainian border guard. After retiring he founded the public organization “Border Guards of Mykhailo Region”. However, after the occupation, he turned to the Russian invaders and offered himself as the “chief of the police”.

The Center of National Resistance has repeatedly stated that collaborationism is harmful to health. It should be noted that the day before, the car of the self-proclaimed village head of Mykhailivka, Ivan Sushka, exploded. Sushko headed the occupation authorities in the village since April. Before that, he worked as a toastmaster and had political experience when he ran for the village council from the pro-Russian party OPZZh.

As you can see, the Russian Federation brings only death. Therefore, we call on the residents of the temporarily occupied territories to evacuate during the operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate the region.

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