A conflict arose among the Kursk leaders due to the embezzlement of budget funds

The FSB of the region began to prosecute the Kursk governor due to the fact that he built fake defense structures worth 10 billion rubles.

Earlier, the underground in the Kursk region of the Russian Federation sent the Center of National Resistance a photo of the imitation of defense structures on which Governor Starovoit spent more than 10 billion rubles. According to the Center of National Resistance, a conflict arose between the FSB of the region and the governor due to the lack of laundered money from Starovoit. At the same time, he is trying to use his connections in Moscow to avoid opening a criminal case against him. The heads of the Kursk FSB are threatening criminal prosecution if the governor does not share the stolen funds.

Instead, Starovoit decided to continue laundering money. But in view of the conflict with the FSB, he began to partially implement the real arrangement of fortifications in Tyotkino settlement. Photos of these buildings were provided by the local underground.

The National Resistance Center continues to monitor enemy activity and thanks for the information.

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