A skirmish took place in Belarus between the “Wagneri” and border guards

In the Gomel region (Belarus), a skirmish took place between local border guards and terrorists from the “Wagner” PMC, who were deported from the Russian Federation.

According to the reports of the local underground, in the area of the city of Narovlya, Gomel region, the construction of premises for the accommodation of advanced “Wagner” groups has begun.

Already on July 19, the terrorists conducted reconnaissance near the settlement of Dyatlyk, which is near the border with Ukraine. In the course of these actions, a skirmish took place between the mercenaries and border guards of the Republic of Belarus, the latter withdrew and did not “interfere” with the work of the Wagnerites.

The extradited criminals from the “Wagner” PMC began training the personnel of the armed forces of Belarus. Thus, in fact, the army of Belarus adopts the experience of terrorists and murderers.

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