Activists of “Cyber Resistance” received a list of Russian Guardsmen who repressed the residents of Kupyansk during the occupation

The lieutenant colonel of the Russian Guard, Sergei Kalashnikov, decided to provide to the Defense Forces of Ukraine a list of war criminals who committed repressions against Ukrainians, as well as many other things.

Traditionally, Kalashnikovs decided to give valuable information not voluntarily, but thanks to the activists of “Cyber resistance”, who got access to the mail of the lieutenant colonel – deputy commander of the Peresvet OMON detachment.

In confirmation, we publish the personal documents of the war criminal:

And here is the correspondence of the commander of the Kalashnikov detachment, in which he asks to present bulletproof vests to the “superpower”’s special forces:

And a photo of the squad:

As for the main thing, here is what we learned from Sergey Kalashnikov’s mail:

  • technical documentation of the latest anti-UAV complexes, which are currently being tested in the Russian Guard;
  • the list of awarded occupiers for crimes against Ukrainians during the occupation of the city of Kupyansk (Kharkiv region) in 2022;
  • information about the locations and conditions of detention of Ukrainians who were captured.

Anti-UAV complexes

The manufacturer of this equipment is “3MX”, a Russian company that supports the efforts of the Putin regime to occupy Ukraine. The enemy plans to provide all units of the Russian Guard with this equipment by the end of 2024. However, thanks to the Kalashnikov, the Defense Forces of Ukraine can now more effectively destroy the lieutenant colonel’s colleagues.

List of war criminals

The occupiers reward those who actually “fight” against peaceful Ukrainians and thus encourage the personnel to continue committing crimes and repressing the civilian population. Kalashnikov handed over the relevant list to Cyber Resistance:

  • Gusikhin Sergey Mikhailovich
  • Riebienok Mikhail Sergeevich
  • Daniil Sergeevich Cheusov
  • Alexey Nikolayevich Filippov
  • Osipov Igor Dmitrievich
  • Lisitsyn Anatoly Sergeevich
  • Aleksandr Yevgenievich Trushkin
  • Tabukov Pavel Aleksandrovich
  • Georgy Aleksandrovich Kozlov
  • Kulikov Konstantin Igorevich
  • Dmitriy Alekseevich Novikov
  • Egorov Alexander Vladimirovich
  • Maksim Alekseevich Zamuraev
  • Alexey Ivanovych Pakhtusov
  • Selivanov Dmitry Vladimirovich
  • Ilarionov Ivan Igorevich
  • Anatoly Vladimirovich Olisov
  • Stanislav Sergeevich Kuznetsov
  • Alexey Aleksandrovich Markov
  • Lyashko Roman Nikolayevich
  • Puzdrov Nikolay Nikolayevich
  • Sergei Aleksandrovich Gerasimchuk
  • Andrey Semenovich Yanubaev
  • Alexey Sergeevich Shaforostov
  • Andrey Andreyevich Kraynev
  • Boris Vladimirovich of Moshevsky
  • Sergei Valeryevich Tereshchenkov
  • Menshikov Sergey Vladimirovich
  • Alexey Vladimirovich Shchepotkin
  • Vitaly Aleksandrovich Bakhvalov
  • Vladimir Nikolayevich Abrosimov
  • Maksim Aleksandrovich Pugin
  • Andrey Alekseevich Chernyaev
  • Oleg Aleksandrovich Bystrov
  • Andrei Anatolyevich Provorov said
  • Dmitriy Alekseevich Novikov

In order for you to understand what exactly Russians receive departmental and state awards for, here are examples from the documents:

Detention of Ukrainian prisoners

The unit of the main character of this material was responsible for the transportation of captured Ukrainians to Russian prisons, where most of them are currently held. Thanks to the lieutenant colonel, we know the locations (in particular, in Rostov and Taganrog) and the conditions of detention of Ukrainian soldiers, and most importantly, the names of those responsible for this.

Activists have already sent a final warning to the executioners:

The National Resistance Center conveys congratulations to Sergey Kalashnikov and his other colleagues. Each of you, the occupiers, will receive an additional “reward” from the Resistance movement, because thanks to “comrade” the lieutenant colonel, we know everything about you.

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