After the liberation of a large number of settlements in the Kharkiv Region by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ukrainian law enforcement officers began investigating the traitors of Ukraine.

Currently, investigators are processing information on persons who cooperated with the aggressor during the temporary occupation, as well as checking those who may pose a threat to national security.

Yes, the leader of the Ivanivka village and the “chief” of the Balaklia police have already been detained. The latter used to be one of the leaders of the Balaklia police, and when the occupiers came, he voluntarily volunteered to cooperate with them.

Note that the latest facial recognition technologies are also used to identify traitors. Specialists are studying Russian propaganda videos from the time of the occupation in order to establish the data of those who participated in crimes against the Ukrainian state and insulted state symbols.

Every crime will not go unnoticed and the relevant actions will have to be answered in accordance with the procedure established by law. Therefore, all collaborators and traitors in the temporarily occupied territories will be brought to strict liability.

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