Civilian deaths from natural causes are significantly increasing in Mariupol

The invaders have destroyed the city’s medical system.

The humanitarian crisis in the temporarily occupied territories is getting worse.

According to the underground, the mortality rate in the temporarily occupied city of Mariupol from natural causes has crossed the mark of 400 people per week. This is 2.6 times higher than the peak of the highest COVID death rate. Currently, the city’s medical system is practically inoperative. The invaders are transferring as many medical facilities as possible to serve the wounded Russian military. Civilians simply cannot receive basic medical care. However, those medical workers who have not betrayed Ukraine are trying to serve civilians without Russian passports, although the invaders strictly prohibit this and threaten them with physical violence.
The National Resistance Center calls on the locals to bring the de-occupation of Ukrainian cities closer and to pass on information about the enemy. This can be done through the Resistance Telegram chatbot.

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