Civilian hospitals in the TOT of Crimea are overcrowded

The shortage of medicines is growing in the temporarily occupied Crimea. The occupation administrations, on instructions from the Kremlin, are restricting access to medicines for the civilian population. All stocks of medicines that can be used in the provision of primary healthcare are reserved for the occupation forces.

In addition, due to the constant influx of wounded occupants, civilian hospitals are running out of beds. Russian troops are not deploying additional hospitals but are using existing civilian infrastructure.

Earlier, the occupiers had already exhausted all the beds in civilian hospitals in the TOT of the Kherson region. And now, due to the significant activity of the Defence Forces in the Zaporizhzhia and Tavriya directions, they have to transport the wounded deeper into the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea.

The occupiers are also forcing civilians to donate blood to the occupation forces. All of this intensifies civil resistance on the Crimean peninsula, as evidenced, in particular, by a series of successful strikes by the Ukrainian Defence Forces on military targets.

The National Resistance Centre calls on citizens in the TOT to report such abuses by the Russian occupation forces that restrict civilians’ access to medical services. You can send the data to our Resistance.Bot, thus bringing the moment of liberation closer.

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