In the south of Ukraine, the robbery of farmers continues, followed by the export of Ukrainian grain.

Thus, in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region and Zaporozhye, the same scheme operates. Within its borders, all farmers in the region must donate grain for next to nothing to “state-owned enterprises”: the “state grain operator” in Zaporozhye and the “grain of the Kherson region” in the Kherson region, respectively. If the owner of the elevator left the region, then his grain is “confiscated,” that is, the elevator is robbed.

Then the “State-owned enterprises” pass the grain to the tangent to the collaborators of the structures and they are already reselling it at market price in russia, taking to his pocket the difference.

We will remind, earlier in the temporarily occupied territories of the South and East of Ukraine, the russians have created a federal state institution “Center for the storage and distribution of natural cargo assistance to the Ministry of civil defense,” which in fact is a branch of the state reserve. Local farmers have already been informed that they must voluntarily transfer to the newly created centers the established number of tons of harvest.

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