Communication is blocked: Russians are trying to isolate Kherson

Occupiers are trying to block the Kherson underground from sharing information with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the Kherson underground, the Russians are dismantling telecommunications equipment from the telecenter. In particular, the Russian Internet provider “Miranda” dismantled the central node of the TV and radio center. In the future, the Russians plan to leave the city completely without communication, television, and radio broadcasting. In this way, the Russians are trying to informationally isolate Kherson in order not to allow the partisans to transmit information to the Armed Forces of Ukraine during counteroffensive actions.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center calls on the people of Kherson to leave the TOT and move to the territory controlled by Kyiv. As we wrote earlier, provocations are being prepared in temporarily occupied Kherson to accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine of war crimes.

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