The occupiers began to massively distribute their propaganda lies, because they already feel that they can no longer brainwash people. Therefore, locals ignore Russian newspapers.

Thus, in the temporarily occupied Crimea, the enemy issued a printed edition of “Krymskaya Pravda”, a total announced circulation of 8406 copies. In the materials of the “newspaper” the number of materials related to the Russian-Ukrainian war, as well as the situation on the peninsula, has significantly increased. Among the headlines of the materials can be identified: “War is holy and right.”

Putin’s regime is aware of its defeat not only on the battlefield, but also in the information space for “people’s brains”. Consequently, waste paper began to be issued free of charge at public transport stops, but this was not popular among local residents.

Moreover, most of the copies remained in warehouses. It is also known that the local authorities reported on the circulation of 15 thousand, but in fact printed less, because the war is also means “earn money.”

It should be noted that propagandists are also responsible for the war and occupation and will not escape responsibility for their crimes in accordance with the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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