Cyber Resistance hackers hacked a lieutenant colonel who maintains enemy aircraft

Lieutenant Colonel Ruslan Kazantsev, who maintains the A-50U long-range radar detection aircraft, decided to help the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

Traditionally, he did it not voluntarily, but with the help of “Cyber Resistance” activists. The future major currently serves as the deputy commander of the military radar unit 41520.

It is he who is responsible for the maintenance of the A-50U “Taganrog” aircraft, as well as the A-50U “Serhiy Atayants”. The latter was previously based in Belarus and accompanied the MiG-31K during its flights.

Most of the information that was managed to be collected from the Kazantsev`s mail was transferred to relevant specialists to examine. Here we publish only the evidence of the hacking the war criminal’s mail:

Ruslan Kazantsev’s car insurance, issued on October 11, 2023. 

A letter in which the military unit asks the private enterprise “S.V. Ilyushin Aviation Complex” to provide assistance for the decorations production.

However, the company is not satisfied with the lack of reporting for previous assistance.

Approval of permits for testing unmanned aerial vehicles.

A letter regarding the assignment of the name Serhii Atoyants to the A-50U aircraft.

Also, Ruslan Kazantsev’s mail even has letters with evidence of staff abuse.

The National Resistance Center thanks the “former lieutenant colonel” for the information provided and says “Hi” to his other colleagues that the Cyber Resistance has access to.

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