Despite the start of the school year, the Russians continue to station military personnel in schools on the TOT

The occupiers use Ukrainian children as “human shields” and place their servicemen and military equipment in schools, despite the start of the school year.

For example, there are 200 Russian servicemen in one of the schools in Yasynuvata (Donetsk Region), in Tokmak there was a case of 100 soldiers being based on the territory of one of the schools, and another 50 Russian soldiers live in a school in Kadiivka (Luhansk Region).

In Myrolyubivka (Kherson Region), 400 former Russian prisoners and now mercenaries of the Wagner PPC recruited from prisons are permanently stationed at the school next to the children. Also, more than 50 occupiers were recorded in the school of the village of Hladivka.

Earlier, we reported that the occupiers are also placing personnel and military equipment on the territory of Luhansk region hospitals, despite the inpatient treatment of children nearby.

Such decisions demonstrate the true attitude of the occupiers toward the local population. Therefore, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center calls on TOT residents to leave the region whenever possible and not become a “human shield” for the enemy.

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