Dictator’s speech. What Putin lied about

On September 21, the leader of the occupiers, Vladimir Putin, announced mobilization in a propaganda frenzy speech. Ukraine’s Resistance Center analyzed this delusion and the main manipulations of the Russian leader.

To begin with, let us note that the main message of the Russian president is that the professional Russian army is losing to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Considering that in the Russian paradigm of thinking, the legitimacy of power is determined only by force, the Kremlin’s concessions will call into question the right of the current elite to rule the country.

Therefore, Putin is forced to announce a mobilization that is against the interests of Russia but protects his power. The mobilization was not declared partial, as the statement says, but in fact general. Because the text does not specify any restrictions: neither by age nor by region.

However, in order to “sell” to Russians the death of 300,000 soldiers, who were not imprisoned and not from depressed areas, Putin, as always, began to lie about those things that Russian society has long viewed as a threat: NATO and Nazism.

Let’s consider the main theses of the leader of the nation with one extra chromosome

Liberation from Nazism

What Putin says

In his messages, the president repeatedly emphasized that Russia is not annexing territories, but liberating them from the “neo-Nazi regime”.

What really is

The most important factor of dictatorship is the cult of personality and lack of change of power. The cult of personality is talked about every election – “There is Putin – there is Russia.”

In Ukraine, there are more parties in the parliament than in the Russian Federation. There is a government and an opposition in Ukraine, and there is a democratic political confrontation. And since 2014, the president in Ukraine has already managed to change, and even very democratically. At the same time, unlike Medvedev and Putin, Ukrainian presidents have different political views. In addition, there are no third terms and such a council of elders in the form of a federation council in Ukraine.

Regarding the horror story about the heirs of the Nazis – the Russian authorities call everyone who does not agree with their ideology and plans for the future a Nazi. An example, are “Nazi Zelenskyi”, “extremist Navalny” and “foreign agent” Galkin.

Well, as for the “liberation”, Ukraine and the entire civilized world saw footage of the Russian liberation: the Russians shelled peaceful cities and civilians with rockets and MLRS, and in the occupied territories they set up repressions, torture camps, and genocide. In addition, the telling moments of the joy of “grateful freed citizens” were the protests in the south, where civilians protected the city from the invaders at the cost of their lives.

The coup in Ukraine

What Putin said

Putin again used the term “anti-Russian bridgehead” when he mentioned Ukraine. Allegedly, back in 2014, a coup d’état took place in Ukraine, as a result of which the Nazis came to power and began to turn all citizens of the country against Russia

What really is

The arrogant, greedy Yanukovych, with his actions both inside the state and in the foreign policy direction, turned the citizens of his country against him so much that they simply could not stand it and decided to show him their thoughts on this matter. Even then, everyone saw Europe as an example, a direction for development. Well, were we supposed to look up to Buryatia?

It was Yanukovych who used weapons against the civilian population, and who was later hidden by Putin. And the Russian Federation itself did not think for a long time and immediately seized Crimea, where people died during the occupation. And then Moscow agents opened fire in Donbas – Putin did not mention the participation of the Russian army in the events of 2014.

In general, Putin vividly breaks the cause-and-effect relationships in the imagination of the Russian audience. Yes, he also accuses NATO of “pumping” Ukraine with weapons. What made NATO start supplying weapons to Ukraine? The president did not answer again.

War with the West

What Putin said

Putin once again threatened his citizens with a war with the West and shifted the responsibility for starting the war to him. “The purpose of this West is to weaken, divide and ultimately destroy our country.” In particular, he accused the collective West of financing “gangs of international terrorists in the Caucasus”, promoting its infrastructure, and “cultivating hatred of Russia”. At the same time, the Minister of “Defense” of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, who had a small speech after Putin, stated directly that Russia is at war with the collective West and NATO. In particular, in his opinion, military operations are commanded by NATO generals, and Ukraine no longer has its own weapons. It seems that Russian elites have a hard time admitting defeat to Ukraine.

What really

The Collective West, as well as the length of the battle line, are mentioned for one purpose only – to explain how it happened that the 2nd army of the world copes with its tasks so poorly. At least with what was at the beginning.

For some reason, Russian citizens believe that NATO is evil. 30 countries of the world are involved in this evil, voluntarily, and even asked to be part of it. And in order to get into this evil, it is necessary to guarantee the rule of law, democratic control over the armed forces, and many more economic, political, and social transformations. Such is the evil now.

Russia was forced to start a war in 2022

What Putin said

Then Putin again repeated the mantra that the invasion of the Russian Federation was necessary, because, they say, Kyiv itself planned to invade Donbas, Crimea, and the Russian Federation.

What really is

Although it was Moscow that blocked the entry of UN peacekeepers into Donbas and refused to withdraw its troops from there, “who were not there.” But, most importantly, it was at this moment that the Russian president’s speechwriters made a mistake. Putin stated that over the past 8 years, Ukraine has built a large number of fortifications, i.e. defensive fortifications. It is very strange why Kyiv was building defensive fortifications while intending to attack Donbas, Crimea, and the Russian Federation. And it demonstrates very well who actually started the war in 2014 and who had to has to defend themselves.

Repression in Ukraine

What Putin said

According to Putin, a policy of intimidation and terror continues in Ukraine, and that is why most people in the liberated territories do not want to live in Ukraine. Due to the “atrocities of the Nazis”, 2.5 million people left the occupied south and east.

What really

It is precisely because of the constant terror of the Ukrainian authorities that the Russians cannot gather people for Russian rallies in the occupied territories and mass rallies for the “referendum”. But for some reason, residents of the south and most of the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions did not leave their homes until February 24, while the majority left the region and went to the “Nazis” in Ukraine, not to the “liberators”.

Nuclear blackmail

What Putin said

Putin once again attributed his crimes to others. Yes, he accused Ukraine of “nuclear blackmail” during the shelling of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. However, for some reason, the incoming missiles are coming from the Russian side, and it was Ukraine that initiated the IAEA inspection, whose members saw from which direction the projectiles were coming. At the same time, Putin outright lied when he said that the leaders of NATO states were threatening to launch a nuclear attack on the Russian Federation.

Putin himself, in response, just threatened the world with a nuclear strike if there is a threat to “territorial value”. It is not worth reminding that Putin considers many countries to be his territory, and organizing a “referendum” is not a debatable topic for him.

“Partial mobilization”

What Putin said

Putin repeatedly used the phrase “partial mobilization.” and he did not explain what exactly means “partially”. In fact, it is about mass mobilization. That is, we have another example of a new language: “clap”, “military operation” and now “partial mobilization”.

In particular, the main occupier noted that the mobilization also concerns the defense order. Which in fact allows the occupiers to take control of industry for the needs of the army.

What really is

Interestingly, Sergei Shoigu could not explain why the mobilization was needed and even continued to call the war a special operation being carried out. The Minister of “Defense” of the Russian Federation openly lied about the losses of the Russian side, stating the number – was 5,937 corpses.

Although only the Russian local self-government bodies officially recognized 6,200 dead soldiers. At the same time, according to Shoigu, Ukraine lost half of its army, namely 100,000 soldiers. Why then is Russia planning to call up 300,000 soldiers? Shoigu and Putin did not answer this.


Russian elites are trying to hold on to power and at the same time are preparing to bury many of their citizens if they don’t stop them. At the same time, mobilization is actively being prepared in the temporarily occupied territories, and this is precisely why the Kremlin needs a “referendum”.

Judging by the statements of Putin and Shoigu, they want to realize their sick fantasies about the third world war. They want to see it in reality. They are programming their population for such a war, but the reality is different. The Kremlin elites are incapable of making rational decisions and are in a world of illusions. This leads to false decisions that overlap with one another because each mistake forces the Kremlin to react and make a new one. Such a pyramid only brings the final defeat of the Russian Federation closer.

Instead, the Russian dictator talks about a “cautious offensive” in the Donetsk region and that the “Kyiv regime” is using locals as “human shields”. But Ukraine has been evacuating locals from the very beginning, while the Russians are actively using the “valley of fire” tactic when they raze everything to the ground with the help of artillery. This war tactic has nothing to do with a “careful attitude” towards civilians.

But, most importantly, it was at this moment that the Russian president’s speechwriters made a mistake. Putin stated that over the past 8 years, Ukraine has built a large number of fortifications, i.e. defensive fortifications. It is very strange why Kyiv was building defensive fortifications while intending to attack Donbas, Crimea, and the Russian Federation. And it demonstrates very well who actually started the war in 2014 and who has to defend themselves.

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