Donetsk’s morgues are overcrowded with Russians

According to information received from the Ukrainian underground, unsuccessful attempts to storm Ukrainian positions by the ROV, have resulted in huge losses for the occupiers. Hundreds of Russians are taken to morgues in Donetsk every day, where there is a critical lack of space, and the bodies of the occupiers are piled in the corridors and the courtyards of morgues.

Local workers are sounding the alarm about the threat of an epidemic outbreak of infection because the bodies of the occupiers are stored in corridors, on the street, and on other premises that are not adapted for appropriate storage.

In addition to unsuccessful assaults, the occupiers suffered losses due to the work of partisans. The underground helps the Defense Forces to effectively hit enemy targets in the rear of the temporarily occupied territories. Every successful artillery strike approximates the liberation of our territories from the invaders.

To speed up the liberation of our lands, report the information you know about the occupiers using the form on our website.

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