Due to fear of locals, Russians closed party headquarters in Nova Kakhovka

The successful actions of the Ukrainian underground in Nova Kakhovka did not go unnoticed by the occupiers, who are now afraid to work in the city.

After the successful bombing of the United Russia headquarters by representatives of the ATES guerrilla movement, the offices of party branches and party headquarters are not working in Nova Kakhovka during the pseudo-elections.

The local population is sabotaging the “election process,” and the headquarters are staffed by guest speakers from Russia. The task of the headquarters is to imitate party activities and organize a picture for propagandists. 

However, the occupation henchmen are unwilling and afraid to risk their lives. Therefore, some of them left for Henichesk and Skadovsk, and the offices themselves closed and are not functioning offline.

This situation clearly demonstrates that the enemy does not control the occupied territories. Even after a year and a half of occupation, the Russians are afraid of the population, and no amount of repression can fix this because for the locals, they remain invaders.

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