Enemy began to fine the parents of children studying in Ukrainian schools

Ukrainian children in the temporarily occupied territories continue to study in online schools, but the Russians are trying to stop it by force and drive schoolchildren to propaganda centers.

Thus, in the temporarily occupied territories, “juvenile affairs commissions” were created, which, with the help of fake courts, issue fines to parents for the education of their children in Ukrainian schools.

The commissions arrange raids, especially at the places of residence of children who miss many classes in “Russian schools”. During inspections, the occupiers pay attention to laptops and tablets, which can be used to teach children.

We note that Russian schools on the TOT are purely propagandist in nature, and that is why it is important for Russians to limit children’s access to education and immerse them in the world of the “Russian world”. Russification and imposition of the worldview of the Kremlin and its vision of history are carried out on children in schools.

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