Enemy gives away Ukrainian lands to the police In Crimea

In order to encourage the policemen, the occupying authorities started giving them land in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

In this way, the police are paid for loyalty and unquestioning execution of orders regarding the repression of the local population, in particular the Crimean Tatars. It should be noted that the Russians plan to spread the practice of distributing land to the Russian National Guards in other captured lands as well.

However, all these acts of ownership of the land have no legal force and will be returned to the State, or to the owners of the land as of 2014, after the deoccupation of the peninsula.

It is also worth noting that the list of land “owners” will become known to the public after its formation.

We will remind you that earlier we made public the personal data of Yevgeny Pankov – the commander of the riot police unit, which was engaged in repressions in Kherson during the occupation of the city.

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