Enemy prepares a new mobilization wave in Donbas

In the spring, the occupiers will begin preparations for a new wave of mobilization in the temporarily occupied areas of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Thus, the occupation military commissars called on educational institutions to submit lists of all young men born in 2006. They should become the core of the future wave, because currently there are almost no free people in the region who are subject to mobilization.

It should be noted that on the website of the National Resistance Center there is an instruction “what to do to Ukrainians who have received a Russian summons in the temporarily occupied territories.” It is also worth emphasizing that citizens of the Russian Federation are subject to mobilization, i.e., holders of enemy passports, so we urge you to ignore the passporting of the Russian Federation.

We will remind you that the Russian Federation plans to mobilize deported Ukrainians together with migrants in order to reduce tension among Russians through mobilization.

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