Enemy refuses to demobilize “students” from TOT

Most of the “students” mobilized by the occupiers from the temporarily occupied territories have not been demobilized, despite the Gauleiter’s claims.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the occupiers conducted a general mobilization in the occupied areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Later, they promised to demobilize the so-called “students”. University, but the promise was not fulfilled.

So? 3,515 “students” were mobilized in Donetsk region, of which 70 died, 174 were wounded and 272 deserted. About 2,000 young men are still serving in the enemy army. In Luhansk region, the Gauleiter mobilized 654 “students”, of whom 5 died and 70 were wounded. About 300 young men continue to serve.

Note that mobilization on seized lands in any form is a violation of Article 51. of the Geneva Convention.

We will remind you that on February 18, Denis Pushylin, who considers himself the leader of Donetsk region, issued a decree regarding the registration of the youth of 2006. The task must be completed by 23 “military commissars” created for this purpose.

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