Ethnic conflicts have become more frequent in the occupation army

An ethnic conflict between Tuvans and Russians is brewing in the occupation army.

According to the Ukrainian underground, Tuvan servicemen in the ranks of the Russian occupation army are increasingly conflicting with Russians.

Often, such disputes end in the use of edged or firearms, with fatal consequences.

The reasons for the enmity are quite banal: it is a hostility based on the traditional superiority of Russians to the peoples they enslaved and the struggle for the distribution of military equipment (collimator sights, thermal imagers, and other equipment).

Interethnic relations are especially heated after excessive alcohol consumption.

It is noteworthy that during the decade of Sergei Shoigu’s leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense, he managed to build a system of preferences for his fellow Tuvans. So, the military prosecutor’s office is trying to hide or postpone the proceedings against them.

The Center of National Resistance calls on the population of the TOT to report similar cases of hostility in the ranks of the occupation forces to our telegram bot.

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