Forced mobilization going on in TOT of Zaporizhzhia

In the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia region, the enemy carries out forced mobilization of local residents.

Mobilization takes place after the locals receive a passport of the Russian Federation, because after receiving the red paper, they are obliged to register with fake military commissariats, where they are already handed a summons for mobilization and required to sign a contract with the Russian Armed Forces.

Mobilization generally takes place in the villages, according to the standards of the Kremlin’s policy, in order to hide it by starting in the cities. However, you should not think that it will bypass the cities, because its scale will expand over time.

Such actions are a gross violation of international law, which forbids mobilizing residents of occupied territories to join the occupation forces. Everyone involved in this crime will be held accountable.

We remind you that you can report an enemy or a collaborator using the link.

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