From September 1, the occupiers open cadet classes in the TOT

The enemy continues a systemic policy of militarization of temporarily occupied lands, including children

Thus, at the temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia, the occupiers announced the opening of cadet classes in the captured schools. The process of militarization of Ukrainian teenagers will be supervised by militants from the “National Guard of Russia”.

Russian Gauleiters and collaborators from the “Ministry of Education” and other officials of the occupation administration are also involved in the process.
In cadet classes, they plan to study children in “patriotic education”, that is, the Russian form of Nazism with justification of the crimes of the Russian Federation and shifting responsibility for the wars unleashed by the Kremlin to other countries.
Moreover, children will be taught how to handle weapons and other basics of military affairs to prepare for further mobilization of young men. That is, in this way the enemy plans to continue the war with “other people’s hands”, because it is preparing a new wave of mobilization in the TOT.
Note that Russian tactics are to prolong the war through constant mobilization so that “svo” gets at least some results. At this, in order to reduce social tension in Russian society, the enemy plans to involve as much as possible in the war the local population of the TOT, for which Russians have no empathy.

We emphasize that the destruction of the self-identity of children is a sign of genocide of the nation in accordance with international law. Also, international law prohibits mobilizing and involving in hostilities the local population of the captured areas. That is, we are talking about two international crimes committed by the enemy.

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