Guerrillas destroy infrastructure and warn the enemy of retribution – review from TOT

Guerrillas blow up the railway and destroy the enemy, while the occupiers stage a farce called a “referendum”. Ukraine’s Resistance Center has prepared a digest of the main events in the temporarily occupied territories for the week.

Destroyed infrastructure and a warning to traitors

On September 17, there was an explosion in the Zaporizhzhia region, which damaged the railway line used by the occupiers to deliver weapons and fuel for military equipment from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

There are no dead or injured. As a result of the work, the railway was blown up near the Nizyany station. Now the delivery of ammunition for the shelling of Ukrainian cities will become more difficult because the logistics model of the Russian army is built precisely on the railway.

Also, unknown people blew up two poles of the power transmission line in the Zaporizhzhia region. Currently, the Russians are actively looking for saboteurs. To do this, they blocked the streets and increased the number of checks, but to no avail.

On September 18, an explosion rang out in Melitopol near the route of traitorous policeman Denys Stefankov. At first, the occupiers reported his death, but as it turned out, the traitor is alive.

Nevertheless, all collaborators will be repaid. That each of them was warned by the Ukrainian underground, and most importantly, that there is information on each traitor. Earlier, the Ukraine’s Resistance Center published a list of all collaborators who are part of the so-called “electoral commissions” for conducting the “referendum”.

“Referendum” and subsequent mobilization

This week, Russian dictator Putin announced the holding of “referendums” in the occupied territories on their accession to the Russian Federation. At the same time, after accession, the regions will face mobilization, which was also started by the leader of the occupiers.

For example, in the south, conscripted men are prohibited from leaving the region without the commandant’s permission during the “referendum” period (September 23-27). At the same time, parties of Kadyrov fighters arrived in Kherson, and they are supposed to help the occupation administrations to ensure the implementation of the plan regarding the “formation of volunteer battalions.”

In particular, lists of 8,000 people have been created in Kherson region, and 4,000 people in Zaporizhzhia region. The lists were formed by the occupation administrations and the FSB. The mobilized are expected to be sent to the territory of the Russian Federation.

As for the “referendum”, the Russians never received support for their actions. That is why they turned its holding into a farce by voting by place of residence.

Armed youths go around the apartments and simulate the “voting secret”. Several precincts and many precincts in the Russian Federation have also been opened, where the local extras are already creating the image the propagandists need.

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