Hackers breached into the mail of the occupier, who highlighted the use of chemical weapons against Ukraine`s Army

Activists from “Cyber Resistance” hacked yet another war criminal. This time it is about Mykhailo Luchin – a blogger, “SVO volunteer” and UAV operator.

The occupier became famous when he “illuminated” the use of chemical weapons by the occupying army, namely the dropping of a K-51 grenade from a drone on Ukrainian positions.

The hackers received evidence that Mikhail is engaged in reselling drones that volunteers buy for him and deliver to him in Donetsk.

Also, the enemy, not out of his own will, handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine the technical documentation of the Research Institute “Vektor”, which develops complexes for combating Ukrainian drones for the Russian army.

Well, it should be noted separately that we are talking about an ideological enemy, because he does not hide that he kills Ukrainians voluntarily. In the transcript, he actively criticizes the Kadirov residents and the entire Russian army, which is “hiding behind the armies of the DPR and LPR.”

No occupier will escape punishment for their actions. It will be recalled that earlier hackers hacked the e-mails of Ukrainian child kidnapper Maria Lvova-Belova and her father – cultural propagandist Alexei Lvov-Belov.

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