Hackers from “Cyber resistance” gained access to technical documentation of the Russian counterfeit “Kropiva”

Russians steal everything – even ideas. Thanks to the activists of “Cyber Resistance” we present to you the documentation of the automated management system “Repei” – the Russian prototype of the application for the military “Kropiva”.

To begin with, the Ukrainian system of control of the tactical link “Kropiva” was developed in 2014 and allows to establish interaction between the units, exchange of data and provides access to the map of the area taking into account the landscape.

Lieutenant Colonel of the Rosgardy Yuri Vishnyakov (an employee of the Organizational Branch of the Special Purposes Forces of Rosgarden) decided to help the Defence Forces and provide access to the Russian analogue “repey”, which is being developed for the occupants by the “country” group. 

So, from the correspondence of the Lieutenant Colonel with the manufacturers, we know that the enemy does not hide – “repey” is a counterfeit “Kropiva”.

Ideology, functional architecture, and even the interface copy the Ukrainian automated management system completely. There are also offline maps, and switching between layers, and calculations of visibility zones and fire based on 3D models of the relief. 

Well, we note, the developers of the aggressor country do not formulate their own concepts of automated management systems. Either they are incapable, or the military leadership is so impressed with Ukrainian models (Kropiva, Delta, Griezeld), that it rejects everything else already at the level of the formulation of the technique.

This condemns the aggressor to a “catch-up strategy” in the realm of tactical and operational-tactical aircraft, in which the agressor will constantly lag behind Ukraine: while efforts are directed to copying trophy samples, our developers will introduce new ones.

After all, the Russians can no longer implement the “repey”, because Lieutenant Colonel Vishnyakov failed this task and gave the Defence Forces all documentation and access to the program. We thank Comrade Vishnyakov for his service.

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