Hundreds of residents of the village of Oleshky died after the explosion of hydroelectric power plants, because the Russians refused to evacuate

Russians in the temporarily occupied territories did not evacuate people who do not have a Russian passport.
According to preliminary data, more than 500 residents of the temporarily occupied Oleshka, on the left bank of the Kherson region, died due to the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric station by Russians. People died because the occupiers refused to evacuate those who do not have a Russian passport. Violating all norms of international humanitarian law and ordinary humanity, the Russians simply left the locals to die. The actions of Russians against civilians have all the hallmarks of genocide, and anyone who joined the abuse of Ukrainians will be justly punished.
The Center of National Resistance appeals to the local population with a request to report the available information about persons who were involved in the blowing up of hydroelectric power stations or harassment of civilians in the TOT, to our telegram bot.

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