In Crimea, the occupiers are increasingly targeting youth in their propaganda effort.

 According to information from the underground, the Russian military-political leadership in Crimea’s TOT is introducing measures to strengthen the systematic informational and propaganda influence on young people.

 As part of these events, the “Forum of Young Specialists “Path of Victory” was held.  “Zerkalo”” with the participation of more than 120 students from universities of the occupied peninsula under the control of the occupiers, as well as representatives of the Russian occupation forces from the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the Prosecutor’s Office.

 The organizer of this “forum” was the “federal agency for youth affairs of the Russian Federation, and the main goal was to deepen the integration of youth from the TOT of Crimea into the socio-cultural space of the Russian Federation.

 Also, based on the results of the “forum”, an “interdepartmental council” was created, which will promote the implementation of military-patriotic education of young people.

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