In Crimea, the occupiers are taking away exempt from mobilization from economists and IT specialists

Mobilization continues on the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula. To ensure statistics, the Russians take away exempt from mobilization from economists and IT specialists.

At each enterprise there is a mobilization reserve of specialists who are not subject to conscription into the army. However, in Crimea, this no longer applies to financiers and IT specialists. Currently, all these categories have started to receive summonses to the military commissariats of the peninsula.

Note that the enemy is actively mobilizing its army precisely on Ukrainian lands, because the empire always solves “problems” with other people’s hands.

We will remind you that earlier, as part of the mobilization in the temporarily occupied areas of Luhansk region, the enemy conscripted employees of the so-called Ministry of Emergency Situations into the army. Rescuers were called to join the ranks of the enemy army in Alchevsk in order to replenish the losses of manpower.

If you or someone you know was forcibly mobilized to the TOT, contact the hotline of the “I want to live” project: +38 066 580 34 98 and +38 093 119 29 84.

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