In Crimea, the Russians are looking for mercenaries for the newly created PMCs

It is known that the recruitment of mercenaries for the newly created private military companies “Shield” and “Rusych” has been announced in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

This is reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ex-servicemen and other employees of law enforcement agencies are invited there, with priority given to officers. In order to at least somehow attract interest, potential candidates are promised a high monetary maintenance, as well as the fact that they will allegedly not be involved in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. According to the National Resistance Center, also in Crimea, security companies have started training “volunteers” like “Cossacks”.

At the same time, within the boundaries of the new wave, the so-called Crimean “universities” received a directive to exclude all students of 3-5year grades.


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