In Energodar, a traitor was blown up

On February 3, the car of Evgeny Kuzmin, who worked for the occupiers, was blown up in the temporarily occupied Energodar.

The condition of the traitor is currently being clarified, however the explosion of his car has also been confirmed by the occupiers themselves.

In Energodar, a traitor was blown up

The former policeman betrayed Ukraine and after the start of the full-scale invasion started working in the occupation “ministry of internal affairs”. In this way, he helped to repress the peaceful inhabitants of the occupied city, because at the moment this is the only task of “law enforcement officers” at TOT.

The National Resistance Center reiterates that collaboration with the enemy is unsafe for your health. Traitors are not needed either by those whom they help, nor by those for whose sake, nor by other traitors.

P.S. The traitor died in a car explosion.

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