In Horlivka, the Russians equipped a morgue on the basis of one of the industrial enterprises

The Russians equipped a morgue for the dead occupiers at the base of one of the Horlivka factories.

At the same time, four local hospitals were made available to the Russian army for the treatment of the wounded. On average, up to 70 operations are performed there per day, most of the staff are imported Russians.

At the same time, operations are almost not provided to civilians, because there are not enough specialists. Therefore, the locals are forced to leave the occupied region in search of medical assistance.

We will remind you that the situation is similar in Luhansk region, where several hospitals in Luhansk and temporarily occupied towns and villages of the region have already switched to the format of military hospitals.

In particular, Luhansk City Multidisciplinary Hospital No. 3 has already accommodated about 100 Russian soldiers. The hospital in Kreminnaya has also been fully transferred to service.

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