In Luhansk Oblast, the occupiers are asking residents to inform about the Ukrainian underground

The occupiers created a Telegram bot for anonymous denunciations of members of the Ukrainian underground in Luhansk region.

The enemy cannot take control of the temporarily occupied territories, because the local population transmits information about his movements to our military. Therefore, the enemy resorts to increased repression.

In particular, the occupiers created a bot where you can report about “extremists” and the movement of Ukrainian Armed Forces equipment. We can help the Russians with information, although we are not responsible for its reliability, you can spam the enemy using the link.

We will remind you that earlier the occupiers created a similar chatbot in Zaporizhzhya. Note that the Russians will use such tools to organize repression against the civilian population. In fact, this is an easy way to create a fake pretext for arresting disloyal residents or wealthy citizens.

The National Resistance Center calls on TOT residents to leave the region before its deoccupation if possible.

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